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Have you seen him???


Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Naqi MLA

Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Naqi Khan, a very familiar and popular name in the entire district of Sudhnutti, especially LA 21 Pallandri 2. Last time seen in Elections 2011. If anyone has any clue, please contact people of Pallandri.

 Despite being famous it is very unlikely to see him in Pallandri. The only opportunity to see him is just before and after the elections. That is the time when he visit for belated condolences during past five years and assure people how concerned he is for their matters. He also assures that he is always with his people/voters in the time of grief and happiness.

He started off his political career in early 1990’s accidently when his father Col. Rtd Muhammad Naqi Khan died in an unfortunate car accident just before a day to election. He was a visionary leader with the legacy of his father and father of the PONCH state, Col. Khan Muhammad Khan commonly known as Khan Sahab.

Dr. Najeeb Naqi have been privileged to be member of AJK Legislative Assembly for more than a couple of times and once the member of AJK council. But unfortunately he was unable to carry out the legacy of his father and grandfather and could not serve the people with something big and extraordinary. It was so unfortunate for the people of Sudhnutti and Pallandri, that he enjoyed the state ministry for health for two times, 10 years and could not even complete the DHQ hospital which was started by his father.


Pallandri a brief introduction

Pallandri is a beautiful small town, situated in the Sudhnutti District of Azad Jamu and Kashmir (Pakistani Administrated Kashmir). According to 1998 gensus, the population of Pallandri is 2,87,000 with a growth rate of 1.99%. and total area is 569 sq KMs.

view of central jame masjid

It was liberated from Dogra Raj after few weeks of state liberation on19th July 1947 along with the other parts of state of Jamu and Kashmir . After liberation of Azad Jamu and Kashmir, leaders of freedom movement immediately announced a government setup and the capital of the sate was Junjal Hill (a village in Pallandri). Being first capital of state and the great contribution in Jihad Pallandri has a vital place in the state.

Pallandri has been part of district Poonch for many years and regained its district status in 1996. It is also knows as district Sudhnutti. Geographically it is located in the east of Pakistani capital Islamabad with a distance of only 94 kilometers. It has also an ideal location in the Azad state as it is in the center of all the districts.
Pallandri has a literacy rate of above 80% with almost 99% of school going ration among the children of age 10 and below. The women are also equally educated. There are two post graduate colleges for both men and women along with several Degree and inter colleges.

Most of the population joins the government service as a profession. The proffered profession for women is teaching and medicine however; these days there are many women who are working in banks and other government offices. A major portion is also part of Pakistan army. There are many people have served in Pak army in all ranks and still serving.

From the tourism point of view; this place has distinctive quality. It has a very moderate weather during winters and summers. The height of Pallandri city from the sea level is 4500 ft however, some of the outskirts are as high as 6500ft. It has beautiful valleys, streams and heart touching sceneries. Someone has said “this is the place where you can touch the nature” and this is very true.