Mind Your Facial Expressions!

Micro Expressions

Micro expressions can also be seen as “emotional leakage.” Executed correctly, these expressions can give insight into what your character is feeling, but for whatever reason, is trying to conceal.

Macro Expressions

Macro expressions are those, displayed clearly and with all the muscle groups indicative of a particular emotion.


We also use our face to punctuate words. Thus, lifting your brow or widening your eyes can bring focus to a point that you’re making.

Perfecting Your Body Language
Master Your Space

We analyse space to determine how someone feels about us and we look at space between others to try predicting their relationship.

Harness Confidence

Confidence is a skill, one that can be developed through intentional practice. Your ability to display confidence increases trust and comfort levels of others. You can display confidence using your body language.


If you want to project confidence, stand tall. Keep your arms loose by your side or place one or both hands on your hips. Relax your shoulders down your back and open your chest. These expansive postures will show others that you’re confident and sure of yourself.

Pieces of Advice for Aspiring Actors
Work Every Day

Do Something. One concrete thing for your acting career every single day. Go read a new play, meet an artistic director, speak with an agent, get new head shots, retouch your CV, train, do an acting masterclass, practice accents, meet up with other actors, put on your own plays, write your own play, etc.

Go To The Gym

Yes, you must keep your body in shape. Although it may seem like there’s a lot of waiting around on the set, you’ve got to have stamina and flexibility.

Learn A New Scene Or Monologue Every Day

Think of your brain as a muscle. You need to work it out so that it can grow. Learning how to memorize lines on the fly is a must that every actor should have in their toolkit.

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